Episode 20 – Horror Doesn’t Settle for Simple Tuesday

April is Terri’s least favorite month because it makes her feel old(er).

That’s right, it’s Terri’s birthday month!

It’s another solo episode (with Hoff engineering). These are typically the easiest for post-production (i.e. minimal beeps)!

Here’s are just a few things that are covered while Terri watches [CENSORED]:

  • Preparing for Death
  • I’m sure you’ve already told me…
  • Podcasting Is(n’t) Therapy
  • What’s in the box—er, chest?!
  • Mega Man
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  • Strength is built through endurance.
  • Same Scene; Different Experiences
  • The Fate of Future Episodes
  • Stephanie Young and Drizly (Terri said “Drizzle” in the episode)

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Episode 19 – Cryptically Unhelpful Answer

This episode is dedicated to Judy.

Terri and Stephen are back from break!

Well, Stephen stays outside the booth for the first episode of 2021. He multitasks recording the show, keeping the dog busy and getting groceries that are definitely delivered in the middle of the episode. We know this because Terri was super professional and left her phone on…

Here’s are some things Terri covers while watching [CENSORED]:

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Episode 18 – Crappy Holidays

It wouldn’t be December without a holiday episode, would it?

No, seriously, would it? We really don’t know.

Terri spends Christmas Eve watching [CENSORED] and trying to stay on the topic of Christmas (Past, Present and Future—Dickens Style). And the “Crappy Holidays” trope is definitely fitting for 2020’s holiday season.

Here are a few things Terri will discuss:

Obscure Chatter will return in March 2021.

Episode 17 – Trouble Entendre

In this episode, Terri is doing an episode rather than a full length movie. November’s show was put on hold until after the election, so we are very grateful for your patience and understanding!

The “Trouble Entendre” trope is specifically tied to Episode [CENSORED] of [CENSORED].

Here are just some of the things Terri covers during our shortest episode:

  • Time is… fun(?).
  • Fictional characters are always there… and rarely disappoint you.”
  • Willow Barks
  • It’s not just a matter of opinion.
  • Owning up to Mistakes and Missteps
  • Doty’s Voting Experience VS Hoff’s Voting Experience
  • Wilted Salad or Rat Poison
  • Tsuki (Hana’s Mom) in Uzaki-chan Wants To Hangout!
  • You can’t avoid the darkness.
  • Getting Reacquainted with an Old Friend
  • Unpredictable Times
  • Aggressive Interactions
  • Hoping for a Semblance of Normalcy

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Episode 16 – For Doom The Bell Tolls

Its October and that means a plethora of media outlets are gonna say it’s “SpOoKy sEaSoN,” too many things are “spiced” like a fake-ass pumpkin and Terri is watching even more horror movies than usual—dangerous, we know.

BE WARNED: Terri was trapped in a booth with [CENSORED] & a very tall beer stein.

Here are a few things you’ll hear about:

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Episode 15 – Cute Monster Girl

Terri doesn’t shy away from recent tragedies in Episode 15 as she watches [CENSORED]. The topics of COVID-19, estrangement, loss and more will be discussed at the beginning.

In addition to the aforementioned, here are a few other things Terri will talk about:

    • You’re just bored.
    • What are some common pratfalls that you find in beginners when it comes to VO? Are there any tricks that a newcomer could use to kind of find their legs?
    • What are your favorite themes/musical pieces/soundtracks of these films, and do you ever utilize them to help spark your personal creativity?
    • How do you feel representation in movies and mainstream media has progressed over the last decade or so? How do you think they could improve upon it?
    • The outside world has to fall away.
    • Pockets of Happy
    • Understandable Hesitance
    • Sandman audiobook
    • Turning lemons into lemon tart.
    • Ass Class

We couldn’t have asked for a better mascot than you, Zoey. We love and miss you always.

Episode 14 – Birds of a Feather featuring Erica Lindbeck

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: This episode is another remote interview (i.e. Terri records in TX, Erica records in CA, Hoff streams the movie for both of them and engineers the overall session). There were two moments when the connection was lost, but the audio didn’t suffer as a result.

Terri Doty got to virtually hang out with the all-around badass known as Erica Lindbeck on June 20th, 2020 while watching [CENSORED]

Here are a few things Terri and Erica chat about:

    • Well the world’s on fire, but I’m hanging in there.”
    • Reticence In Reaching Out
    • I really just wanted the accolades and none of the responsibility.” 
    • Right is right and wrong is wrong.”
    • Deprogramming
    • It’s showtime, motherfuckers!
    • J.K. Rowling is an absolute wilting head of lettuce
    • Source Connect Craps Itself (we sped up the audio just a tad for a few seconds)
    • Starting the day with nothing in the tank
    • Genre VS Medium
    • Being prepared to rise to the occasion
    • I like what you do.
    • Source Connect Craps Itself Part II: The Reckoning
    • Manifesting what you want
    • Ghost High-Five

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Episode 13 – Mundane Made Awesome featuring Felecia Angelle

Couple Things to Keep In Mind: Ep13 was recorded on May 16th, 2020. This is also a remote interview (i.e. Terri recorded in Texas, Felecia recorded in California and Hoff streamed the movie as well as engineered).


Terri sits down to talk with the wonderful Felecia Angelle to watch [CENSORED].

Here are a few things Felecia and Terri talked about:

  • Life in California
  • Forgetting How To People
  • Magic from the Mundane
  • Existing on Social Media
  • Tia Ballard
  • “I’ll show you” rather than “I’ll show you.”
  • Replacing “Have to” with “Choose To
  • I don’t know why I’m here.
  • Wait, wait… W-Work life and personal value are separate metrics…? Oh, no.
  • “… ON MARS.”

Big thanks to our Ko-Fi contributors and listeners! Hope you all are staying safe, healthy and watching things that make you feel good.

Episode 12 – Vocal Dissonance featuring Monica Rial

Please Note: This is our FIRST remote interview (i.e. Terri records in one place, the guest records in another, Hoff streams the movie for both parties—ah!!!!). There will be some noticeable artifacts here and there (mostly in the last 30 minutes or so) but nothing too terribly distracting.

Name a character archetype and chances are Monica Rial has voiced it. Now it’s time for her most challenging role ever (not really): Our guest!

Join Monica and Terri as they watch [CENSORED]!

Here are a few things you’ll hear the lovely ladies talk about:

  • The New (ab)Normal
  • Do women REALLY have to deal with that?
  • Raising Each Other Up
  • Casting
  • Escaping Reality
  • Live Action Dubbing
  • Hiding Pain
  • Conventions
  • Taking the High Road

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Episode 11 – Big “NO!”

HEADS UP: April’s episode was always meant to be solo, BUT—for the foreseeable future— solo episodes may be the name of the game. Stephen & Terri are looking into options but will need some time to play around.


Episode 11 is catching up with Terri as she watches [CENSORED]!

Here are a few things you’ll hear her talk about:

  • Social Distancing / Self-Isolation
  • In-Laws living in China
  • Judy Hoff
  • VO vs COVID19
  • Fucking right the fuck off.

Big thanks to our Ko-Fi contributors and listeners! Hope you are all safe, healthy and watching good movies to tide you over.

Episode 10 – Comically Missing the Point featuring Ben Phillips

Obscure Chatter’s second guest of 2020 is here and he brought snacks! No, really he brought noms. Consider this your warning—it’s gonna get noisy here and there.

Starting his VO career doing walla and subtitles, stage actor and voice-over artist Ben Phillips joins Terri in the booth.

Here are few things that are discussed while watching [CENSORED]:

  • Snacks
  • How Terri & Ben met
  • Golden Kamuy
  • Returning to a show YEARS LATER
  • Tales from Behind the Mic
  • Giving the fans what they THINK they want
  • Serving the narrative
  • Selling something you like to someone that doesn’t.
  • “Why didn’t you just do this?”
  • The wisdom of Bob Odenkirk
  • The subtly of Laraine Newman
  • Counterculture
  • Using the Internet for Good

Big thanks to Okratron 5000 for continuing to host Obscure Chatter!

Episode 9 – Adaptation Dye Job featuring Daman Mills

The first Obscure Chatter guest of 2020 is a voice-over artist that often makes people say something along the lines of, “Holy shit, that’s Daman?!”

Ep 9 find Terri talking over [CENSORED] with the wonderful Daman Mills. The two only occasionally point to the featured Top 5 film to ask hard-hitting questions like, “Is [CENSORED] hot?

Their conversations stem from their personal experiences in the industry. They also talk about getting robbed, (insert really bad Al Pacino impression here) BIG ASSES, scream-and-dye sessions and oh-so-much more!


Episode 8 – Sad Clown

WARNING: This episode looks back at times of tragedy and loss that some may find overwhelming. If you wish to avoid this content (which really picks up around the 37 minute mark), you’ll hear a distinct sound around 33. Jump from there to 1.03.42.

Episode 8 finds Terri reflecting on 2019 (this was recorded on New Year’s Eve). There was good and, yeah, there was a fair amount of bad. She answers questions from those that submitted.

Here’s just a little bit of what’s covered:

  • Personal Growth
  • Underrated Properties
  • Imitators
  • Relationships
  • Being raised Mexican
  • Tamales have lard, y’all.
  • Clowns
  • Springtime in the ER *Sensitive Content*
  • Lightning Round
  • Fan submitted questions in future shows — Yay or Nay?
  • Signing off on 2019

Big thanks to our Ko-Fi contributors and all those that sent stuff in!

Episode 7 – The World Is Just Awesome featuring Natalie Hoover

During Recovery of an MMO Junkie’s simuldub recordings in the fall of 2017, Terri finally had a chance to get to know the lovely and talented voice over artist Natalie Hoover.

In Ep7 of OC, the two discuss vocal expectations, good food, their “wild” hair colors and oh-so-much more!

Join Terri and Natalie as they watch [CENSORED] with “cake filter” and the most minimal of beeps—we promise.

Episode 6 – Clark Kenting featuring Sara Pintilie

If you follow Terri on social media or have listened to previous episodes, O.C. Ep6’s guest should sound pretty familiar. She’s a journalist, author, podcaster, pop culture aficionado and more! November’s guest is the phenomenal Sara Pintilie!

Terri and Sara talk about mental health, sexuality, nostalgia, personal history as well as recall numerous anecdotes from their 15+ years of friendship. Of course, all of this is done while the two try not to get too distracted during a viewing of [CENSORED].

Episode 5 – A Sorting Algorithm of Mortality featuring Donald A. Shults

Obscure Chatter: Part 5 – Breaking Yawn marks end of Steve Yurko‘s reign as Most [CENSORED]! This is also the first time that a movie on the guest’s Top 5 was one of Terri’s!

Board with Life‘s Donald A. Shults joins Terri Doty for a watch of [CENSORED]. The two share war stories as well as talk shop, discuss board games and oh-so-much more!

Be sure to check out the award winning podcast Board With Life— a phenomenal listen featuring a hodgepodge of misfits that try to play D & D without the game completely falling apart.

Big thanks once again to the lovely people at Okratron 5000 in North Dallas for hosting Obscure Chatter!

Episode 4 – The Lampshaded Damsel in Distress featuring Dani Chambers

O.C.’s fourth episode has Terri settling in! Big thanks to Okratron 5000 in North Dallas for hosting us!

It’s our first animated feature film—not that you’ll ever know which one. Well, who knows? You could be a REALLY good guesser.

Ep 4’s guest is Dallas-based actress of stage, screen and voice-over Miss Dani Chambers!

Join Dani and Terri as they do everything in their power not to sing along to [CENSORED].

SPOILER ALERT: As of this recording, neither Dani nor Terri could talk about their involvement with Discotek media and Sound Cadence Studios dub of Kemono Friends. The English dub was announced before the airing of the episode, so it was not given the [CENSORED] treatment.

Episode 3 – An Appropriated Title featuring STEEEEEEVE Yurko

O.C.’s third episode takes Terri to the West Coast! Big thanks to Okratron 5000 West in Burbank for hosting us!

When Ep 3’s guest sent Terri his Top 5, she replied, “That’s a Yurko list.”

Terri’s joined by fellow podcaster and artist Steve Yurko! Steve talks about celebrating 10 years with the One Piece Podcast, giving artists proper credit, living/working in California and more while he and Terri watch [CENSORED].

And by [CENSORED], we do mean [CENSORED]. Congrats, Yurko! You’re setting the bar very high at Ep3!

Episode 2 – The One-Hoff Character featuring Stephen Hoff

The second episode of Obscure Chatter is here and Terri has her first guest! Fellow That Anime Show alum Stephen Hoff joins her!

This O.C. movie installment is #1 on Hoff’s Top 5 list.

Stephen catches listeners up on all things Hoff: leaving FUNimation, finishing his degree in Environmental Science, becoming a producer at Okratron 5000, learning how to hunt ethically as an archer, being thankful to the local Granbury video store as a kid and much, much more—all while watching [CENSORED]!

Episode 1 – That [CENSORED] Show

That Anime Show creator Terri Doty is back with Obscure Chatter!

Obscure Chatter is a show made with the movie-lover within all of us in mind! Terri’s minimizing the inevitable groans associated with personal film bias. In the style of normal audio commentary tracks, she edits out mentions of key factors while talking about a plethora of topics during a film’s run time.

You don’t want to miss out!

The first episode has Doty solo and catching everyone up on the years since the end of TAS while watching [CENSORED].