Episode 5 – A Sorting Algorithm of Mortality featuring Donald A. Shults

Obscure Chatter: Part 5 – Breaking Yawn marks end of Steve Yurko‘s reign as Most [CENSORED]! This is also the first time that a movie on the guest’s Top 5 was one of Terri’s!

Board with Life‘s Donald A. Shults joins Terri Doty for a watch of [CENSORED]. The two share war stories as well as talk shop, discuss board games and oh-so-much more!

Be sure to check out the award winning podcast Board With Life— a phenomenal listen featuring a hodgepodge of misfits that try to play D & D without the game completely falling apart.

Big thanks once again to the lovely people at Okratron 5000 in North Dallas for hosting Obscure Chatter!

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