Episode 34 — Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane

Happy Holidays from Obscure Chatter!

Terri Doty is back to spread holiday cheer (not really) with her final episode of 2022.

Join Terri as she watches [CENSORED]!

Here are a few things Terri chats about with Obscure Chatter listeners:

  • “There was that whole thing where I really thought like there was magic to Christmas.”
  • “If Santa didn’t exist, why does the weatherman do a whole Santa sighting every year, you dumb fucks?”
  • “We were hardcore terrified about what we would do when it got to the subject of Santa because what do you do?”
  • “I guess Santa forgot about you.”
  • Terri misses her tamales
  • Recovery of an MMO Junkie and for the love of Fried Chicken
  • “Do not quote me on that, except to also quote this part where I say don’t quote me.”
  • Molasses Cookies
  • Hojarascas
  • “That’s the thing I’ve noticed with a lot of older relatives is they don’t want gifts. They want your time and they want just to be around you.”
  • Hot Toddy
  • Hoff’s First Christmas Tree
  • “Memories are tied to a lot of tangible things and you never know what’s going to happen.”
  • Ribbon Demonstration Winner
  • “These past couple of years with COVID, I’ve noticed that it’s just so easy to justify staying in constantly, even when it’s like, ‘No, you don’t even have to leave your car, you don’t have to interact with people.'”
  • Share Your Holiday Cheer with Terri
  • Breakdowns of a few Holiday Movies:
  • “I can’t keep watching things that somebody makes hoping that nostalgia is enough. You know what I’m saying? Like I need the nostalgia to be a small percentage of it.”
  • What are YOU watching this holiday season? Share with Terri!
  • Winter Solstice
  • “Talking about it to you guys is, and I’ve said this before, very much feels like an audible diary sometimes. And sometimes admitting some stuff to y’all as well as myself is maddening.”
  •  “There’s no way that we would have crossed paths until this job and I’m so grateful for that because I love these girls.”

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Shout out to our Ko-Fi contributors and listeners! Hope you all are staying safe, healthy and talking over TV.

See you in 2023!

Recorded at Perpetually Offbeat Studios

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