Episode 33 — The Chew Toy

Thankful for another episode of Obscure Chatter? So are we!

Terri is back for November and thankful for a lot! So much has happened since October and it is time to dive into the deep end.

Buckle up as Terri gives you the skinny while watching [CENSORED].

Few things we talk about:

  • Social Shakeup
  • “It’s that thing as a creative that you constantly kind of get pushed up against, which is: Are you going to keep doing what you love and monetarily not having a lot to show for it? OR are you going to sacrifice a bit of what truly makes you happy in order to get further along financially?”
  • The Andy Dufresne-ness
  • “Would it be the worst thing if you left?”
  • “And then.. that was it.”
  • Back To Freelance
  • Tsuki Uzaki in Uzaki-chan Wants To Hangout! Season 2
  • “I always kind of liken it to like being in love with someone but knowing that you guys have work to do. So saying, ‘Hey, I think we should take a break and maybe reevaluate, blah blah blah.’ And in the middle of still talking, the other party decides to be like, ‘You know what? Fuck you. I hate you, anyway. Bye!’ Like, DAMN. You don’t have to really prove how wrong we were for each other so fucking quickly, but thank you for not wasting my fucking time.”
  • “Where did I go?”
  • “You remember how much fun it is to be creative.”

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Recorded at Perpetually Offbeat Studios

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