Episode 25 – Destination Defenestration

“You guys made this episode.”

Our Halloween special is all thanks to you! OC listeners recommended over 30 films for Terri to watch during our October episode. Out of all those choices, Terri hadn’t seen 9 of them.

Terri chose [CENSORED] to watch for the first time.

Our listeners also gave us some of their favorite Halloween candy to munch on. With Stephen outside the booth and Terri inside, the two ate more candy then they had in at least the last decade—they’re currently still paying for it.

Here are some snippets that might entice you to listen:

  • “Smells red.”
  • “I just assumed you’ve seen everything by now.”
  • “Give me pizza and a horror movie and leave me the fuck alone.”
  • “Or maybe you guys are into that. I don’t know your life.”
  • “I don’t know if i can properly describe seeing a dude in a toga get nailed in the temple with a full size Butterfinger.”
  • “Do I like Reese’s Pieces or just really like ET?”
  • “The Goonies for goths.”
  • “The Sour Patch… was a mistake.”

Terri’s October Movie Recommendations:

Terri’s October Book Recommendations:

Candy featured: KIT KAT (OG, Fruity Cereal), Sour Patch Kids (OG, Crush Fruit Mix), Candy Corn, Almond Joy, Reeses PB Cups, Swedish Fish, TWIX, Reese’s Pieces, Milk Duds, Peanut M&Ms, Whopper, Rolo, Snickers and Butterfinger.

If you would like to be a part of a future episode, please submit a question via [email protected] (you can even remain anonymous) OR through @ObscureChatter or @TeeDotally.

Shout out to our Ko-Fi contributors and listeners! Hope you all are staying safe, healthy and talking over TV.

Recorded at Doty-Hoff Studios.

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