Episode 15 – Cute Monster Girl

Terri doesn’t shy away from recent tragedies in Episode 15 as she watches [CENSORED]. The topics of COVID-19, estrangement, loss and more will be discussed at the beginning.

In addition to the aforementioned, here are a few other things Terri will talk about:

    • You’re just bored.
    • What are some common pratfalls that you find in beginners when it comes to VO? Are there any tricks that a newcomer could use to kind of find their legs?
    • What are your favorite themes/musical pieces/soundtracks of these films, and do you ever utilize them to help spark your personal creativity?
    • How do you feel representation in movies and mainstream media has progressed over the last decade or so? How do you think they could improve upon it?
    • The outside world has to fall away.
    • Pockets of Happy
    • Understandable Hesitance
    • Sandman audiobook
    • Turning lemons into lemon tart.
    • Ass Class

We couldn’t have asked for a better mascot than you, Zoey. We love and miss you always.

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