Episode 12 – Vocal Dissonance featuring Monica Rial

Please Note: This is our FIRST remote interview (i.e. Terri records in one place, the guest records in another, Hoff streams the movie for both parties—ah!!!!). There will be some noticeable artifacts here and there (mostly in the last 30 minutes or so) but nothing too terribly distracting.

Name a character archetype and chances are Monica Rial has voiced it. Now it’s time for her most challenging role ever (not really): Our guest!

Join Monica and Terri as they watch [CENSORED]!

Here are a few things you’ll hear the lovely ladies talk about:

  • The New (ab)Normal
  • Do women REALLY have to deal with that?
  • Raising Each Other Up
  • Casting
  • Escaping Reality
  • Live Action Dubbing
  • Hiding Pain
  • Conventions
  • Taking the High Road

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Hope you all are staying safe, healthy and watching things that make you feel good.

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