TAS Rewind: Ep 1 with Jessie James Grelle

Artwork by Steve Yurko

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When hosting for the original RSS Feed lapses, it’s Obscure Chatter to the rescue!

For those that don’t know, That Anime Show was a podcast hosted by Terri Doty and J. Michael Tatum that ran from 2010 to 2014. The initial concept of TAS was to explore the dubbing industry, but it soon grew to be more freeform and less predictable.

Special Guest Jessie James Grelle joins hosts Terri and Tatum for the very first episode of That Anime Show. This episode is one of three where the recording itself was not done by the TAS Crew. This, along with format, changes over time.

There have been edits to cut out advertisements. Disregard the phone number, events and website mention.

DISCLAIMER: When listening to these episodes, think of these essentially as time capsules. Information, viewpoints, context, opinions may have shifted over the years. Please keep in mind that views expressed do not necessarily reflect current positions or understanding for all parties involved.

Recorded at Fishbowl Radio Network in January 2010

That Anime Show is now the asset of Perpetually Offbeat, LLC

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