Episode 20 – Horror Doesn’t Settle for Simple Tuesday

April is Terri’s least favorite month because it makes her feel old(er).

That’s right, it’s Terri’s birthday month!

It’s another solo episode (with Hoff engineering). These are typically the easiest for post-production (i.e. minimal beeps)!

Here’s are just a few things that are covered while Terri watches [CENSORED]:

  • Preparing for Death
  • I’m sure you’ve already told me…
  • Podcasting Is(n’t) Therapy
  • What’s in the box—er, chest?!
  • Mega Man
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  • Strength is built through endurance.
  • Same Scene; Different Experiences
  • The Fate of Future Episodes
  • Stephanie Young and Drizly (Terri said “Drizzle” in the episode)

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