Episode 10 – Comically Missing the Point featuring Ben Phillips

Obscure Chatter’s second guest of 2020 is here and he brought snacks! No, really he brought noms. Consider this your warning—it’s gonna get noisy here and there.

Starting his VO career doing walla and subtitles, stage actor and voice-over artist Ben Phillips joins Terri in the booth.

Here are few things that are discussed while watching [CENSORED]:

  • Snacks
  • How Terri & Ben met
  • Golden Kamuy
  • Returning to a show YEARS LATER
  • Tales from Behind the Mic
  • Giving the fans what they THINK they want
  • Serving the narrative
  • Selling something you like to someone that doesn’t.
  • “Why didn’t you just do this?”
  • The wisdom of Bob Odenkirk
  • The subtly of Laraine Newman
  • Counterculture
  • Using the Internet for Good

Big thanks to Okratron 5000 for continuing to host Obscure Chatter!

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